Edital Fapeg – Newton Research Collaboration Programme – Fundo Newton/CONFAP/Raeng


The Newton Research Collaboration Programme is a component of the UK Newton Fund, which aims to develop science and innovation partnerships to promote the economic development and social welfare of developing countries.

The main focus of the Newton Research Collaboration Programme is to support the aims of the Newton Fund by facilitating international exchanges lasting three months to a year between researchers in the UK and their counterparts in selected Newton Fund Partner Countries.

Exchanges can be either one- or two-way in direction, and should form part of a collaborative research project, incorporating visits and dissemination activities.

Awards provide funding at a flat rate of £2,000 per month of exchange visit (up to £24,000 for 12 months total exchange), regardless of the direction of travel or whether the exchange is one- or two-way. Each single exchange visit in either direction must last at least three months.

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